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ClamAV is the most popular open source antivirus plugin available for cPanel servers. ClamAV allows individual cPanel users to scan their home directory and emails against malicious files. 


Below are step to install CLAMAV plugin for cPanel Server:

  1. Log into WHM with root user.
  2. Under cPanel section, select the Manage Plugins option.

  3. Check the checkbox Install and keep updated beside ClamAV and then click Save at the bottom. This will start the install process and it may take a few minutes. Make sure, don't close the web browser until installation process completes. Once installation is finished, you'll see a Process has been Completed message.

  4. Log out and login again to WHM.

  5. Under Plugins section, select Configure ClamAV Scanner option.

  6. Now you can set the global scan permissions. If you wish to allow all cPanel users to scan their files, then check the checkboxes Scan Entire Home DirectoryScan MailScan Public FTP Space, and Scan Public Web SpaceSave the changes that all.

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